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The website www.emotionpark.it contains services and on-line informations provided by Emotion Park Srl, with registered office in street in via Gustavo Fara n. 39 – 20124 Milano. The VAT is 11312881003. For other informations is possible to contact Mr. Corrado Negri directly the following contact details: telephone nr. 0823 421519, fax nr. 0823 422167, e-mail [email protected]

The use of the website is conditional upon the acceptance, on the part of the person who accesses it, of conditions listed below.

Where they have not accepted, it calls on who accesses do not use and not to download any material from the same.

Limits in using the site

The contents of the pages of the site www.emotionpark.it are propriety of Emotion Park Srl. All rights are reserved. The contents of the site can't be, neither totally nor partially, be copied, reproducedtransferred, published and distributed in any way for commercial purposes without the prior written consent. There are vice-versa only allowed the storage of the contents of the site on your computer to anyone who accesses it or printing extracts of the pages of the same, for exclusive personal use. Even the marks, the logos and any other distinctive sign that appears on the site, are the propriety of Emotion Park Srl, therefore, they may not be used in any way, in any form and in the context of any means without the prior writen consent.

Limits of responsability

Under no circonstances Mr. Corrado Negri, is liable for damages, direct or indirect, arising from the use of the information contained in the site www.emotionpark.it The information contained in it may be technically inaccurate or contain typographical errors. They may be without notice changed or updated at any time. In the same way, even to the individual sections of the site can be improved, changed or deleted at any time and without notice.


Mr. Corrado Negri assumes no responsability for information content and materials, made or published by third parties in any way, with respect to which the site www.emotionpark.it has link . Anyone who decides to visit sites connected via links to the address www.emotionpark.it poses in be such behavior under his own responsability, shouldering the burden to establish all the necessary measures against the possible presence of viruses or other elements that are able to damage or destroy the contents of your computer to anyone who accesses the above sites connected via links. The connections through links with other sites that are not in any way imply that Mr. Corrado Negri has reports of sponsorship and/or collaboration and/or collaboration and/or affiliation with company are holders and/or operators of these sites.

Information received

Any material sent to the site www.emotionpark.it by way of example by e-mail or via World Wide Web pages, will be always considered non-confidential. Mr. Corrado Negri therefore does not assume any obligations of any kind with respect to such material and will therefore be free without any limitation to reproduce, use,disclose, display, transform, also for the making of any works derived therefrom and distribute it to third parties. In addition, the owner will be free to use any ideas, concepts, know-how or techniques contained in reported material for any purpose, including inter alia the development, production and marketing of products and/or services that contain the same material.In any case, anyone who makes available material ensures implicitly that same is publishable and then holds free Mr. Corrado Negri from any action, request, demand, demand advanced by a third party in relation to its use.


A “cookie” a small data file that some Web sites, while are visited, may send to the address of the visitor) can be in the context of the site www.emotionpark.it in order to trace the paths of the visitor to the site itself. The navigation program notify visitors of the presence of a cookie and if the person who accesses the site prefer not to receive cookies, they can left online navigation.


The website www.emotionpark.it not to be considered a newspaper in that, as provided for in Article 7, last paragraph, the D. Legislative Decree n. 70/2003, it has not benefited from the assistance provided to the Law n. 62/2001 (New rules on the books and the publishing products and changes to the law August 5, 1981, n. 416). Furthermore, it is not updated with periodicity nor contains news or news. Therefore it should not be considered an editorial product subject to the rules referred to in art. 1, Paragraph 3, of the aforementioned law. In any case, it listed below are the information required by article. 2 Of Law n. 47/1948 (Provisions on printing), compatible with the nature of telecommunication means:

§ First Publication:


Law and jurisdiction

The conditions regarding access to the site www.emotionpark.it are regulated by Italian law. Every and any dispute arising out of or in any event directly or indirectly connected to the reported conditions belongs to the Italian jurisdiction, with exclusive jurisdiction of the Court of Naples. Mr. Corrado Negri reserves in any case, if it considers it necessary to act in legal proceedings in courts of foreign countries or Italian cities to protect their own interests and to enforce its rights.

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